Clifford Bertram CUBIS

Serial Number: NZ422765
Ballot Number:
RNZAF Trade:
Aircrafthand (General Duties)
Date of Enlistment:
10th of February 1942, at Ohakea
Rank Achieved:

Date of Birth: 31st of March 1911
Personal Details: Clifford Cubis was the son of Alfred Bertrum (Bert) Cubis and Ada Cubis of Cambridge. He was a Milkroundsman before joining the RNZAF. He was called up in the 1st Ballot in October 1940

Service Details: It seems that Clifford Cubis possibly served in the New Zealand Army before transferring to the RNZAF. A notice in the Waikato Independent dated the 27th of October 1940 has B. Cubis, which is thought to possbily be this man (maybe he was known as Bert?) being farewelled from Cambridge and presented with a wallet. Several other Cambridge men who were joining the army were also farewelled.

He apparently then served in the RNZAF within New Zealand, strating his RNZAF service at Ohakea.

Details of Death: Died on the 9th of June 1966
at: Hautapu Cemetery, Cambridge

Connection with Cambridge: Clifford Cubis lived in Cambridge before and after the war.


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