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The following guide is intended to give you some idea as to the contents of Contact magazine. Sadly the guide is currently incomplete but it is ever-growing, and I have so far added details from many of the issues that I own or have been able to borrow, plus many odds and ends gleaned from other sources.

If you have any of the issues not detailed here, I'd be very keen to please receive any information you can provide for this database. If you can assist with more details or you'd like to know more about any of the articles or items mentioned, please feel free to

No copyright information is published in any of the Contact issues I have seen so far, but I assume that if there were any copyright, it remains the property of the Royal New Zealand Air Force or the individual contributors who helped create the magazines. This webpage does not intend to breach any copyright laws, it is merely intended to inform collectors and interested people about this wonderful magazine, and serve as a nostalgic look back at a slice of Air Force social history.

Thanks to Ivan Prince and Rod MacKenzie for their valuable assistance with scans and information for this page.

Note: The Collection Status remarks in each heading referws to webmaster Dave Homewood's personal collection, so if you require further info from the editions he has, feel free to ask by clicking 'Contact Me' above.

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