Post War Cambridge WWII Airmen

The following men served in the AIr Forces in World War Two, but they moved to Cambridge after the war. I feel it is important to record their stories and details too where possible. I have been able to interview some of them and their memories are recorded here on the site. Some pages are yet to be added too.



•  Brian Alex AITKEN

•  Aubrey Albert Donald BILLS

•  Garry BLAYNEY Interviewed

•  Arthur Walter BRITTON

•  William Lester CONWAY

•  Anthony Ashley COOPER

•  Waldour Ross FAMILTON

•  Eric FORD Interviewed

•  Henry John "Harry" FYNN

•  Leonard GERRAND

•  John Edward GIFFNEY

•  Ernie GORRINGE Interviewed


•  Edward Cecil HOMEWOOD

•  Keith Rodney ILLINGSWORTH Interviewed

•  Herbert INGLIS

•  Ian JAMES Interviewed

•  Bernard Joseph JEFFERSON

•  Dereck KAIN Interviewed

•  Stephen James KNIGHT

•  Murray LIND

•  Keith James MACDONALD DFC

•  Thomas Frederick MANNELL

•  Albert Edward MARSDEN

•  John Edward Norman MASON

•  Ronald Charles NOICE

•  Douglas Haig PALMER

•  Trevor Bruce PEARCE
Interviewed and Memoirs

•  Ronald Herbert Marshall RIMMER

•  Graeme J. RONAYNE

•  Douglas Ronald ROSS

•  Jack Beresford SHANNON

•  Albert Edward SINCLAIR

•  Douglas Bicket STEVENSON

•  Robert Ernest STOWERS

•  Norman Edward TODD

•  John Reeve TUNNICLIFF

•  Frederick Joseph Eric

•  Charles Manley WALSH



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