Episode 28 – Bernie Lewis – Test Pilot

Guest: Bernie Lewis

Host: Dave Homewood

Duration: 53 minutes, 10 seconds
Recorded: July 2010

Topic:. Bernie Lewis joined the Royal Air Force in 1950 and served as a jet fighter pilot on Vampires and Sabres before becoming an instructor. He was then selected to attend the Empire Test Pilots School, one of ten New Zealanders to have this honour. Once a qualified fixed wing and helicopter test pilot Bernie worked at RAF Boscome Down, before leaving the RAF and continuing to test and develop aviation projects through the 1960’s with Bristol Siddeley and Rolls Royce. Since leaving Rolls Royce he has flown aerial survey and helicopter ag work in New Zealand, worked with NZ Civil Aviation Authority, and been the personal helicopter pilot to the Faye Richwite corporation. Today he lives in retirement in Whangarei.

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