Episode 32 – Aviation Artist Carla McKnight

Guests: Carla McKnight

Host: Dave Homewood

Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes, 48 seconds
Recorded: 22nd of January 2013

Topic:. Dave Homewood talks with Cambridge-based artist Carla McKnight, who specialises in painting warbirds, horses and other animals in acrylics. Carla is soon moving away from Cambridge to Auckland due to a change in her husband’s work, but took time out of her schedule to show Dave around her art room and some of her recent aviation art creations.


Carla McKnight Art on Facebook

Carla McKnight Art at Behance

Carla McKnight Art at Paintings I Love

A thread on the Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum

Photos: The following photos were taken on the same day by Dave and having been taken on a small point-and-click camera they may not reflect the true colours and detail of the art themselves. Also see the links above for other paintings by Carla:

Carla working on the Mosquito painting


The Vampire – Carla’s first warbird painting

The Weta

Carla’s recent Corsair painting

Corsair with Keith Skilling as pilot

The Sopwith Camel

The Mosquito painting

The Mosquito painting

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