Episode 41 – Noel Kruse – Part Six

Host: Dave Homewood

Guest: Noel Kruse

Duration: 1 hour, 27 minutes, 13 seconds

Topic: In part six of Noel Kruse’s fascinating life story we hear his memories of flying the CAC Avon Sabre Mk. 32 fighter jets of the RAAF detachment at the Thai base of Ubon. Their role was the defence of Thailand from its neighbours under the SEATO pact, but Noel and his fellow pilots also got very involved with the USAF squadrons that were stationed at Ubon in their mission to attack North Vietnamese supply lines. This episode covers Noel’s on again-off again postings up to Ubon from RAAF Butterworth, a total of eight months spent here during his two years in South-East Asia.

Quick Links:

•  Bob Hope’s C-130 Hercules escorted by Noel’s Sabre

•  RAAF assisting USAF Phantom pilots in defensive tactics

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