Episode 47 – Noel Kruse – Part Eight

Host: Dave Homewood

Guest: Noel Kruse

Duration: 54 minutes 45 seconds

Topic: More wonderful and action packed memories from kiwi-born former RAAF test pilot Noel Kruse. In this episode he is still a test pilot at the Testing and Ferry Flight, No. 3 Aircraft Depot, at RAAF Amberley – but this episode covers the other aircraft he was flying, the twin engined Canberra jet bomber.

This aircraft, a British design that was licence-built and developed by GAF in Australia, proved something of a challenge to Noel, who’d only ever been a single-seat fighter pilot before getting the role of testing the Canberras after their major servicing.

He also talks in more depth about his boss at the unit, Group Captain Jim Rowland, who grew to be Noel’s mentor and hero.

By the way the small music clip is Magic Ghost from Danosong

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