Episode 49 – Noel Kruse – The Race to Mach 1

Host: Dave Homewood

Guests: Noel Kruse, introduced by Roger Cruickshank

Duration: 43 minutes 25 seconds

Topic: This episode was recorded live at the Hamilton Airport Motor Inn on the evening of the 12th of July 2013, at the Royal New Zealand Aero Club Annual Dinner. The guest speaker was Noel Kruse, and he was introduced by the Waikato Aero Club’s Chief Flying Instructor, Roger Cruickshank.

Noel’s topic is the history behind the race to break the Sound Barrier and achieve a speed of Mach 1, and he proposes his theory that the official story we’re all told is not accurate, and in fact the first to break the barrier was not the famed test pilot Chuck Yeager.

Many thanks to Karen Groome of the RNZAC and to Noel Kruse for allowing this episode to be recorded. Bear in mind that it’s recorded live in a room full of people so the recording reflects this. The sound quality improves when Noel begins to speak.

By the way the small music is Magic Ghost from Danosongs

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