Episode 60 – Forum Meet 2014 – Part Two

Host: Dave Homewood

Guests: Richard Stowers, Jonathan Pote and Barry Tod

Duration: 56 minutes 23 seconds

Recorded: 19th of January 2014, live at the Wings Over New Zealand Forum Meet

Topic: This is the second episode of recordings from the Wings Over New Zealand Forum Meet 2014. The guest speakers in this episode are as follows:

Richard Stowers is a well known historian and author of New Zealand military topics and in this talk he tells us about the subjects of his three Air Force related books, Edgar “Cobber” Kain, Fraser Barron, and his own father Bob Stowers’ air war in the Desert Air Force.

Jonathan Pote steps up with a quick filler story about the No. 617 Squadron pilot Geoff Rice on the famous Dams Raid. We hope to hear more from Jonathan later this year in a more detailed interview (or three) about his own RAF career and other connections with classic aviation.

Barry ‘Baz’ Tod talking about his Auster restoration projects, which have become a big part of his life.

Quick Links:

Richard Stowers’ website, from where you can find out more and purchase Bomber Barron, Cobber Kain and Wellingtons Over The Med

Baz Tod’s WONZ Forum thread on his Auster restoration project

By the way the small music is Magic Ghost from Danosongs

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