Episode 152 – Bomber Command Ceremony 2017

Squadron Leader Jonathan Pote MBE, AE (Master of Ceremonies)
Ron Mayhill DFC (New Zealand Bomber Command Association President)
Group Captain Ants Hawes (RNZAF Chaplain)
Flight Lieutenant Ken Diekema (RNZAF Chaplain)
His Excellency Rob Zaagman (Ambassador to the Kingdom of The Netherlands)
Master Aircrew Andrew Burrows (Royal Air Force)
Pat Johnson (Area President of the Royal New Zealand Returned & Services Association)
Able Musician Rebecca Nelson (RNZNVR, singing the National Anthem)

Recorded: 11th of June 2017

Released:  13th of July 2017

Duration:  1 hours 23 minutes 30 seconds

In this episode we hear the entire Royal Air Force Bomber Command Commemorative Service that was held in the Hall of Memories in the Auckland War Memorial Museum on Sunday the 11th of June 2017. This includes all the speeches and the prayers spoken during the ceremony, but some small portions of dead air where no speaking was occurring have been removed.

Quick Links:

•  The New Zealand Bomber Command Association Website

•  The New Zealand Bomber Command Association Facebook Page

•  The Auckland War Memorial Museum

There are many more photos from the event on the NZBCA Facebook page

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