WONZ Show 169 – WONZ Christmas Party: Paul McSweeny

Guest: Paul McSweeny

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 3rd of December 2017

Released: 7th of December 2017

Duration: 36 minutes 22 seconds

Paul McSweeny of Pioneer Aero Ltd was one of the guest speakers at the WONZ Christmas Party, held in the Fly DC3 New Zealand hangar at Ardmore Airport, Auckland, New Zealand. Paul talks about his background in the RNZAF and how he began working at and then co-owning Pioneer Aero. He also talks about the latest projects, past restorations and the future projects that are coming up on their rebuild schedule for the near future such as the de Havilland Hornet.

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience in a hangar on an active airfield, so there is some aircraft noise and the audio quality is reflected by the circumstances.

Quick Links:

•  Pioneer Aero Ltd.

•  Pioneer Aero Ltd. on Facebook

•  The Military Aviation Museum (owner of the P-39)

•  Fly DC3 New Zealand (our venue hosts)

•  Fly DC3 New Zealand on Facebook


1 comment to WONZ Show 169 – WONZ Christmas Party: Paul McSweeny

  • Geoff Roberts

    I went to school with a Paul McSweeny – Morrinsville College. I joined the RNZAF as an Airman Cadet Radar Mech U/T in January 1975 and Paul joined as I recall as an Airframe Mech U/T (also as an Airman Cadet) a year later in 1976.

    I presume the Paul McSweeny of Pioneer Aero is the same person. How many of them could there be???

    I have a few stories I could tell from our school days (Miss McEntee and a guy called James Hall might ring a bell with him!) but I’m not sure he’d like that! 🙂

    Anyway, we are the same age and I guess from the photos, we have aged equally as well. I haven’t seen Paul since I suppose December 1974. Our paths, as I recall, never crossed while we were in the RNZAF.

    Geoff Roberts.

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