WONZ 188 – NASA Research Pilots

Guest: NASA Research Pilots Dave Fedors and Paul Newton

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 30th of June 2018

Released: 10th of August 2018

Duration: 58 minutes 17 seconds

This episode features NASA Research Pilots Dave Fedors and Paul Newton speaking at the recent WONZ Forum Meet held at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, at Wigram, Christchurch. They had just completed a tour in Christchurch flying the NASA SOFIA Boeing 747, which is a flying observatory.

Dave and Paul explain the SOFIA mission, what the scientists onboard are doing and what they are looking at and look for; and also all about the unique 747 aircraft itself, what it’s like to fly, its background, etc. They also talk about other flying they do with NASA, and their own backgrounds.

Dave Fedors (NASA Image)

Paul Newton (NASA Image)

This high-dynamic range (HDR) photo of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) was captured just before sunset at the Christchurch International Airport in Christchurch, New Zealand while aircraft crews were preparing for a nighttime observation flight. (NASA Image)

Night shot of SOFIA, with terminals and control tower of Christchurch International Airport in the background. (NASA Image)

Paul Newton, left,and Dave Fedors, right, during the presentation (Dave Homewood photo)


Quick Links:

•  The Air Force Museum of New Zealand

•  NASA’s SOFIA Page

•  Dave Fedor’s Profile

•  Paul Newton’s Profile

•  WONZ Show Episode 104 with NASA’s Nick Veronico

Video Version
This is a handheld video version, sorry it is a bit shaky, it was the end of a long day!

A huge thanks to Dave and Paul for attending the event, and to Nick Veronico of NASA for arranging them to speak.

Note: The tune at the end of “Fly – Night Bird”, by the late Roy Buchanan. It seemed appropriate.

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